In January 2022, a diverse committee of Anson County community members was created to identify areas of need where United Way funding can make the greatest impact in the Anson County community. Working together, our mission continues to focus on strengthening the overall health and well-being of Anson County citizens. We will focus efforts on two major areas: Economic Stability and Access to Quality Education.

Our focus in this area is on housing stability and food security. Access to housing, utilities, and fresh, healthy food continues to be a challenge for many of our Anson neighbors.

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Our second focus is on early childhood literacy. Early language interactions and resources encourage higher literacy rates and academic success for children in their early academic years, providing a strong foundation for continued learning and success.


Every donation, big or small, contributes to the life changing efforts made by United Way. When you give, you are investing in stronger communities and the enrichment of lives. Any donation amount is appreciated and will improve the economic stability and education access in Anson County.


Workplace campaigns are a fun way to connect your co-workers to their community, celebrate your company culture and create long-term change.


At United Way, your voice matters. Use it to take a stand for your values. By sharing resources and ideas through community groups, social media or emails to legislators, you can start a wave of change in your local community.


Want to make a direct, positive influence in your community? Through skill-based and corporate volunteer opportunities, you can see the immediate effects of your efforts. Whether you’re building affordable housing or organizing a food pantry, your contributions will help create a safety-net of necessities for those in your community.