In January 2022, a diverse committee of Anson County community members was created to identify areas of need where United Way funding can make the greatest impact in the Anson County community. Working together, our mission continues to focus on strengthening the overall health and well-being of Anson County citizens. We will focus efforts on two major areas: Economic Stability and Access to Quality Education.

Our focus in this area is housing stability and food security. Access to housing, utilities, and fresh, healthy food can be a challenge. In Anson County, 16% of households experience severe housing cost burdens or face housing problems like overcrowding and lack of facilities. Additionally, the county shares only two grocery stores. Because access to affordable, nutritious food is limited, the adult Anson County obesity rate is 39%. Addressing these basic necessities will always be a priority.

Our second focus is childhood literacy and mentoring programs. Early language interactions, quality childcare, and intervention resources may encourage higher literacy rates and academic success. Supporting low-income, at-risk youth, through mentor programs can result in scholastic achievements, improved mental health, and the motivation to pursue a collegiate education or career path.


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