From quarterly Staff Rallies to volunteering together, we create a welcoming and warm work environment where colleagues become friends, and all employees can thrive—from our newest hires to our most seasoned veterans.


We are seeking diverse job applicants who value courage, accountability, respect and excellence. We hire strategic thinkers who are able to communicate effectively and understand the importance of respectfully working together and delivering positive stakeholder experiences.


At United Way, we believe working somewhere you love is what’s most important, but we know your benefits matter, too. We encourage mental and physical wellness and promote preventive care, through benefits such as generous paid time off, great primary care-giving policy, team activities and more!

Our Core Values


Take action and go! Be bold and not afraid of a little competition or thinking outside the box even when opportunities seem unimaginable. Create a new path one-step at a time, you got this!


A catalyst is a substance that ignites change in its environment. We strive to work within various ecosystems – corporate, nonprofit, philanthropic, government, etc. – to make the connections and spark the actions that will positively impact the lives of underserved members of our community today and for generations to come.


Sometimes things just need a shake-up. Whether internally or out in the community, we aren’t afraid to be disruptive. Understanding that we may leave a few feathers ruffled along the way, if it is the right thing to do and benefits our community, we will take the chance!


Inaction is the enemy of innovation. We are a perpetual work in progress, striving to be better, constantly learning and taking risk to be the best we can be. Learning from our mistakes and paving the way for continual betterment.


Teamwork makes the dream work. Bottom line, we need each other. Working together makes us all better individually and makes us awesome as a group. Welcome tough conversations, don’t make assumptions, and rely on others. Together we are stronger! Understanding what others’ strengths and weaknesses may be and using that knowledge to guide, support, and model our work makes for a successful and high performing team.


Recognizing and appreciating our differences only make us better. We all share in the responsibility to create a positive culture and to safeguard equity, inclusion, dignity, and respect for all. Each member of our team will be a role model for others