Making a gift of appreciated securities is a great way you can make a difference in our community. Donated assets such as stocks and mutual funds may provide you with an income tax deduction based on the fair market value of the gift and eliminate all capital gains taxes. Please consult with your tax advisors for specific tax advice when giving securities. 

Please notify your broker to initiate a “broker-to-broker" transfer. This will transfer the donated stock from your brokerage account to United Way’s brokerage account, at which time United Way will sell the donated stock. Electronic delivery of shares provides the most expedient delivery process.

Please complete United Way’s Securities Donation Form.

Provide a copy of this form to your broker to initiate this transfer to one of United Way’s brokerage accounts listed on form.

Please send a copy of the completed form to Donor Services via:

  • Email to
  • Fax to Donor Services at (704) 371-7191
  • Or mail to United Way of Greater Charlotte, Attention: Donor Services, 601 East 5th Street, Suite 350, Charlotte, NC 28202.

If you have physical possession of the stock certificate, you can deliver or mail the securities to United Way of Greater Charlotte, 601 East 5th Street, Suite 350, Charlotte, NC 28202, along with the Securities Donation Form.

You will need to fill out two additional forms with the delivery of a stock certificate when the stock certificate is in your name. The two forms required are Relinquish Rights and Stock Power Form.

The gift date for physical securities is determined by the postmark on the envelope used to mail the securities or by the hand delivery date.

If you wish to make a gift of mutual funds, please contact Donor Services by email at


For assistance with a gift of securities, please contact our team:


When United Way of Greater Charlotte receives a gift of securities and matches that gift to the donor, a “letter of confirmation” gift receipt will be sent. The value of your gift for tax purposes is determined by averaging the high and low price on the date of transfer (date received in United Way’s account) multiplied by the number of shares donated.

United Way of Greater Charlotte EIN# – 56-0529948