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United Way Staff

Celebrating National Nonprofit Day

National Nonprofit Day is a time to recognize and celebrate the impact of organizations working tirelessly to create sustainable change in our communities and improve the lives of individuals and families, especially here in Greater Charlotte.

United Way of Greater Charlotte is proud to support our nonprofit partners who are playing a crucial role in addressing a variety of issues identified by residents, from economic mobility to education to access to healthcare and healthy foods.

A handful of our staff recently shared why they care about United Way’s work and what it means to them:

“The work that we do at United Way holds a deeply personal meaning for me, as I’ve experienced the life-changing impact of services similar to those we fund. Growing up, my family faced the harsh reality of homelessness, and it was because of nonprofit agencies that we received the help and hope we needed. Not all of the help that we received was easy to find though, as navigating those systems was incredibly difficult.

Now, as part of United Way of Greater Charlotte, I feel privileged to contribute to strategies and programs that not only provide excellent resources to residents, but eliminate many of the barriers that make accessing vital programs so daunting.”

-Marlin Wilson, Neighborhood Relationship Manager 

“Our work matters to me because I get to witness the tangible outcomes of our efforts. Each day I get the opportunity to measure the success of awareness efforts. I get to explore new ways to get our message out to the public. I know that our work is making a difference and helping to educate and improve the lives of residents in our community.”

-Jasmine Murray, Digital Marketing Manager

“As a Charlotte native, my family and I had access to good schools, a nice place to live and the financial means to have a great quality of life for many years. That is not the experience of many of our residents.

The work we do at United Way offers us as staff a real opportunity to affect sustainable change where all residents can have access to that same economic opportunity and quality of life.”

-David Dulin, Senior Corporate Relations Manager  

“I enjoy being a part of United Way of Greater Charlotte where we are making a difference and rising up to challenges. It is amazing how we advocate for those under-resourced communities. It is a joy seeing how we collaborate with our grassroots organizations and neighborhoods to bring awareness to the sensitive issues.

I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful team where we find innovative ways to make an impact within our communities.”

-Laura Higgins, Donor Choice Analyst 

“Our work matters to me because I see the direct impact our work has toward building strong, equitable communities. I see United Way take on community challenges that others say would prove too difficult or not worth the investment of time, resources, or energy. Every day, I see how United Way fills a critical need in our community that without our work would go unmet whether it’s working with grassroots agencies, racial equity, capacity building, or neighborhood revitalization. That’s why our work matters to me.”

-Khalil Salim, Ph.D., Director of Research and Evaluation 

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