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Focusing on Needs Identified by Community Members Across Counties

To solve the complex issues we face in our community, we start with making sure our neighbors have what they need to survive. When individuals and families struggle to meet vital needs — like food, shelter and safety — everything else becomes more difficult. 


While working to advance racial equity and promote economic mobility, United Way is realigning our work to focus on issues identified by community members across our four-county footprint. Through collaborative efforts in each community, United Way has launched impact strategies tailored to the regions we serve. 


  • Anson County will focus efforts on two major areas: Economic Stability and Access to Quality Education.
  • Cabarrus County will focus efforts on the mental wellness of the community.
  • Mecklenburg County will focus efforts on advancing economic mobility and racial equity through place-based solutions and helping to end and prevent homelessness.
  • Union County will focus efforts in three major areas: Economic Stability, Access to Quality Education, and Healthcare.


Focusing on needs such as economic mobility, mental wellness, access to quality healthcare and access to quality education will positively impact residents’ lives as well as create and sustain a better future for all.


Believe in the work United Way is doing? You can support these efforts in our four-county footprint by giving today.